About The Founder

Hey you! First, I want to start off by welcoming you to my website! If you are here, then you are following my positive movement and supporting my mission to conquering all of your obstacles and being VICTORIOUS.

          Now that I have welcomed you properly, my name is Crystal Medina. I am the founder and owner of Eunice Empire. When I decided to create a fitness clothing brand, I wanted it to reflect my story in overcoming obstacles that I have set in my life, some that were beyond my control, but I was able to be VICTORIOUS.

          Furthermore, I am constantly asked, “where did Eunice Empire come from?” Many wonder if it’s my middle name or that of a family member; but it’s NOT. So, for all those who have wondered, this is where my journey started.

          I have always wanted to be of help to others, especially women and young girls. I’ve wanted to teach them how to love and accept who they are by finding value within themselves. My greatest obstacle was, even though I wanted to be a blessing to others and motivate them, I truly didn’t find worth or value within my OWN self. Making it difficult to really carry out my passion. That desire was always in my subconscious mind, but I didn’t think I could be someone to inspire others. As everyone goes through seasons in their life, I too went through one; a very dark one. I had just turned 18 and moved out of my parent’s house as fast as I could. Growing up with such a strong Pentecostal background and my parents being pastors, I wanted nothing but to get away from what I thought was just an obsession to religion. I lost my path not only with my own personal values, but also my spiritual values. I became a person I didn’t even recognize living a life far from who I was. I found validation based off of who desired me; I needed quantity and not quality. My behavior was detrimental to every aspect of my life. I started to get a taste of the “world” and everything I was not allowed to do. I stated drinking and partying every single day, giving my time to people who brought no value. I began to meet people with celebrity status and see how they lived their life. My life became chaotic. I began to gain weight (as is a given with a life style of drinking, partying, and eating junk late hours of the day). I reached my heaviest and being only 4’11 you can really see those pounds packing on. Those who genuinely loved and cared for me would look at me and knew I was fighting something inside; but wouldn’t tell me because they knew I wasn’t having it. Not only did I gain weight, but I became a nasty person. My vocabulary changed, my mentality changed, I lost compassion, and love.

“With every chaotic child there is a praying mother”

          I had rejected my parents, family, and close friends, because they only wanted to “preach” to me and quite frankly I wasn’t having it. That did not stop them from praying for me, and honestly that may have been the only reason I was able to come through. As my life was going on a downward spiral, I started to wake up hung over in my shower crying at how pathetic I looked. I hated looking at myself in the mirror because the person I saw was miserable and alone. Even though I was surrounded by tons of people at a given time, I was still ALONE.

When the Lord has a purpose for you, no matter how far off the wagon you may be, you’re never too far from him.”

          I was at work one day and found myself feeling very weak almost to a point where I couldn’t walk. My coworkers were asking if everything was alright because I started to lose color in my face. I soon passed out and was rushed to the hospital. Waking up to my sister and close friends by my side; when the doctor finally came in, she tells me I have developed a hormonal disorder based off of stress and lack of proper nutrition. Never in my life have I heard of this. My life had completely change in the matter of a second. I was constantly in pain, I couldn’t work as many hours as I use too, I didn’t feel like eating and lost 32 lbs in a matter of 2 weeks.

          As a person who was always surrounded by people who I thought cared for me none of them were to be found at my time of need. Since I was no longer able to provide for them, they all left my side. I entered a deep depression where I couldn’t sleep, eat, or want to do anything. I felt completely distraught.

This is when grace fell upon me. My sister came home one day and seen my car out front but couldn’t find me. When she finally decided to come in my room she found me in a corner rocking back and forth crying. I was miserable… with suicidal thoughts. The enemy had just about taken my whole life and consumed it… or so I thought.

One thing is certain; the Lord will always have an angel lingering around when HIS purpose is upon your life. That angel was my sister. When she saw me in that state, she ran to me and hugged me so tight; it was the most angelic hug I could have ever felt. It was pure, loving, and reassuring. At that moment, my life changed again, but this time for the absolute better. I felt life come back in to my soul and hope back in to my heart, I felt love again. Your life can change with a snap of a finger; the process is what takes time.

          It took me many years to find my value, worth, and true passion again. My life has also gone through so many seasons, I sometimes joke to myself and say, “girl you aren’t even that old to be going through all this!” but with each season there, is a lesson I am grateful to have learned. It’s taught me to have love and compassion again. As Tony Robbins would love to say, “If you’re not growing your dying!”

          To conclude, I have gained a new perspective on life since my past seasons. I take in all new obstacles that come my way and learn from them because I am a student for life. I am constantly learning, building, and growing. I haven’t completed my destiny in this world; therefore I am also a servant to it. Since my mindset changed for the better, my life changed also. I have an amazing husband, who is one of my biggest supporters. Beautiful children, who are a blessing brought into my life. I still have my wonderful family, who still prays for me daily. I’ve gained new family within my marriage who loves me. And I still have that lingering Angel in my corner.

          My journey hasn’t been easy, nor am I proud of it, but it does NOT define who I am. Many of you may have had a more difficult journey to overcome than I had. We are all given what we can handle, even if it seems to be the end of your world. One thing is certain; we all have a warrior within us that needs to be unleashed. We can decide from today on that no matter what, WE can be VICTORIOUS.

          Majority of us are physical learners. We need to act, touch, and feel to be able to learn. That is why I created this platform of fitness apparel, because it gives that physical reminder of “you CAN do it!” I chose Eunice Empire, because I wanted a name that had meaning, a name that would empower women to be a warrior and conquer whatever they set forth to do. Eunice implies “conquering well,” and was a name expressive of a good or happy victory; Empire meaning imperium (absolute power). When you combine Eunice and Empire the meaning is Conquering the Absolute Power. We are a community and all I want to do is motivate people to overcome any obstacle they feel is holding them back. CONQUER THE ABSOLUTE POWER!